Quality Medical Evaluations

Benefit from Civil Litigation and Long Term Disability Referrals.

Quality Medical Evaluations

Unparalleled Attorney/QME Consultation.

Quality Medical Evaluations

Active marketing with speaking opportunities at law firms,
insurance carriers and conferences.


Founded by attorneys and qmes with ame experience, Quality Medical Evaluations provides physicians with unparalleled report writing guidance, medical-legal consultation and education.

Physicians benefit from an association with our affiliated companies www.ndeval.com www.atriumexperts.com, and firstmedicalexperts.com, offering the opportunity for AME, Long Term Disability and Civil Litigation work.

Please give us a call at 855.PANEL.QM or 855.726.3576. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions that you may have regarding our group and/or affiliates.

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We are currently seeking new physicians to join our team of highly qualified providers. Quality Medical Evaluators provides all the tools our associate physicians need in order to deliver accurate evaluations efficiently.

QME Physician

Injured workers, worker’s attorneys, or insurance companies select a Qualified Medical Evaluation to examine injuries and prepare a med-legal report to help resolve a workers’ comp case.

Quality Medical Evaluators provides highly experienced physicians to complete Qualified Medical Evaluations for attorneys, insurance companies, and workers’ compensation claimants. Our physicians survey patients’ injuries and prepare a med-legal report to help resolve a case.